Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit this myself?  Yes.  The big selling point of our systems is that we took great care to design products that are easy to fit.  If you get stuck or want to be talked through it then please feel free to give us a call.

Can I hire someone to fit this?  Yes.  Please contact us for details

Can I use this on my house?  Yes.  Our products are specially designed to be easy for people to use at home.

Can I use this in my office or commercial space?  Yes.  Our products are used the world over in commercial applications.  Please contact us for assistance with your project.

Can I use this by the sea or a lake?  Yes.  316 stainless steel can be used without issue in this environment, even if it gets splashed or is submerged!

What tools do I need?  For both the balustrade and greenwall trellis systems you will need a drill and a cross-head screwdriver.  For the balustrade you will also need a small adjustable spanner to tension the wires.  The greenwall trellis systems come with an allen key for tightening the locking screws.

How quickly will my goods arrive? Product is usually shipped the day after you order. If you have chosen an express delivery service you should get your parts the following day.

I need some spare parts, what do I do?  Please contact us, we carry all parts in stock for immediate shipment.

I want to make my trellis bigger, what do I do?  Please contact us with details of your existing trellis and the changes you would like to make.  To double the area you don’t need to buy a whole extra kit!

How do I maintain my wires?  316 stainless steel should not need much maintenance.  Give it an occasional wipe with a cloth to remove dust or clean with soapy water.  Please make sure you do not use any acid-based cleaning products as this can damage the metal and will dull the surface.

How strong are the balustrade wires?  The sockets are designed to release the wire at a load of approximately 500kg.  If you want a higher load for some reason, e.g. to hang something from a wire or support something then please contact us as we have many more products we can supply especially for this type of application.

How stainless is 316 stainless steel?  316 stainless steel is often referred to as ‘marine grade’.  It is used in chemical works, for medical implants and of course in the marine environment because of its very good corrosion resistance.  If you do get any discolouration or staining it is most likely the result of some pollution in the air or because someone nearby has been working with a cutting wheel.  If this happens you should clean it with a special stainless steel cleaner.

Some / all of the wires have gone slack on my balustrade, what should I do?  It is quite common for the wires to go slack within a few days of being installed.  Simply loosen the lock-nuts and re-tighten the adjusters.  After this time you should not see much movement but if you do please check that your posts have not moved or bent before tightening further.

The packaging was damaged when my shipment arrived. Please try and take a photo before you open the package.  Once open, please check carefully that everything is inside.

Some items are missing from my shipment. Please let us know what was missing and we will get it sent out right away.  Was the packaging damaged?  If so can you please take a photo to send us?

I would like to collect my goods, where are you located?  We are located near Southampton, please look at our contacts page for the exact address.  Please call to arrange a visit before you set out!

How do you pick the featured project?  Each month we review the photos we have been sent.  The criteria are pretty loose, things we look for include; a clever use of our product we have not seen before, that the product is really fitting to the location, a nicely taken photo with good light and a nice background or many other things!

Where is this stuff made?  All the fittings are made in England from European stainless steel.  Most of the wire is made in Germany.

You’ve sent me the wrong thing, what do I do? Please contact us right away.  It will be a big help if you can e-mail us a photo of your shipment so that we can quickly identify what you have been sent.

The wires are the wrong length! If the wires are the wrong length please let us know immediately and we will re-make them and send you replacements right away.

I’ve measured incorrectly / put the wrong lengths on my order! Don’t panic, you don’t need to buy everything again.  Please contact us with the revised lengths and we can send you new wires.  The cost is much lower as you don’t need to buy all the end fittings again, only the ones which are attached to the wires – luckily the cheapest!  If you have ordered them too long then we may be able to shorten the wire and only put on one new fitting.

I’ve made a mistake, I need to change my order.  Please contact us immediately with details of the change!  Most of the products we sell are semi-customised and since we turn orders around very quickly it may not always be possible to make a change without incurring some additional costs.  However, most parts in our systems are interchangeable and we will try and re-use or re-stock parts as best as possible to save you money.

Can’t see your question? Contact us direct and we’ll do our best to help!



Can I attach your system to wooden posts as my wall is only 5ft high and I want to grow plants higher but not have wooden trellis.

Thanks Kate

Chris Hegarty

Hi Kate,

Yes, it is very easy to attach to wooden posts – however you would need a post every 0.5m for the green-wall trellis system.

Alternatively you could mount our balustrade cables horizontally between just two upright posts and tie your plants on to those.

In either event the wires will come supplied with the correct wood-screws in the pack.

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