Balustrade net mesh systems


The Wire Design stainless balustrade net mesh system is a modern, contemporary and versatile balustrade infill. As well as being used for decking and patio balustrades, net mesh is also suitable for Juliet balconies and veranda balustrades – it is even used on apartment balconies to prevent pets escaping!


Our mesh is available in a variety of different diamond spacings to suit both style and application. Net mesh can be manufactured from 1.5mm or 2mm wire, and the panels can be supplied in any size combination.

Call us with an outline of your project and we will take care of the specification process. You do not need any technical know-how – our experienced team will guide you through the process.

Installation of balustrade net mesh systems

The net mesh is supported by perimeter cables which must be fixed to your structure. If you are unsure how to fit the support cables to your structure, we can provide guidance and all the necessary parts.

Installation of the mesh panels is very straightforward – it needs only simple tools and the action is very similar to sewing.

Should you need them, we have installation teams in around the UK, so help is never very far away.

Use with green wall wire trellis systems

Wire Design net mesh is ideally suited for use with our green wall wire trellis systems and provides excellent support for even the most vigorous of climbing plants.

As net mesh is supported by cables, it can be used to fill virtually any space, allowing your plants to form a natural barrier or screen.

Plant climbing on net mesh

Plant climbing on net mesh


Each net mesh project is bespoke, so it is not currently available to order online. Please contact us and after taking a few details we can quickly give you an idea of the approximate cost.


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